About Keisha

26About Keisha Beautiful, compassionate, sincere, and loving are just a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe Keisha Michelle MacDonald. While these words accurately describe the beauty and spirit of such an amazing individual, they do not fully encompass the essence of Keisha and what she meant to all of those who knew and loved her. Keisha was simply a star.
This dream to become a star arose in Keisha as a young girl growing up in the small town of Lake Odessa, Michigan. Keisha wanted to be famous and aspired at some point to live in California. Her extraordinary beauty led to a career in modeling at the age of twelve, in which Keisha embarked on a journey to transform the dream of stardom into a reality. This brought Keisha in front of the camera and onto runways at an early age.

32Upon graduating from Lakewood High School, Keisha enrolled at Lansing Community College while she continued to pursue her dream of becoming a famous model. Tragically, Keisha was killed in an automobile accident on February 20, 2007 before her dreams were to be realized. On the very day that Keisha was taken from this world, Keisha’s modeling agent was in New York negotiating contracts with agencies in Asia and New York that would have made Keisha the star she had always dreamt of being.

While Keisha’s stunning beauty and modeling abilities were the attributes that made modeling agencies believe in her, it truly was her character and personality that exemplified the fact that she was a star. For someone with as much beauty externally that Keisha possessed, she was even more beautiful within. She was extremely devoted to her family and was never one to miss a family gathering. Her cousins and nephew adored her due to the love and compassion she showed anytime she was around them.

31The most poignant example of her devotion can be found in the fact that prior to her tragic accident, she had driven a long-distance to be with family members she had not seen in a while. Her last act in life was one of complete devotion towards those she loved. Keisha was also an amazing friend. Towards her friends she possessed an eternal smile and a limitless supply of compassion and kindness. Everywhere she went, she was the center of attention and someone who made those around her comfortable. She was an absolute joy to anyone who ever came into contact with her.