Success Stories

“My sister has inspired so many, as only she could. She would be overjoyed to see how her memory has helped others. I hope to always have the courage to live a life I’m passionate about as she has taught me. Never forget to Dare2Dream.” ~ Jamie MacDonald Keisha’s sister & best friend.

Riley Deaver

“Keisha’s story taught me to live like there’s no tomorrow. She was a powerful force who wasn’t afraid to dream big, and now I’m not afraid either.”

Jena Skrzypek

“Keisha has inspired me to move confidently forward with my career. It’s such an honor to be a part of the Dare2Dream foundation. Thank you Keisha!!”

April Mueller

“Because of Keisha, I was able to take my first trip to New York. That jump started my career. Thank you Keisha for allowing me to Dare2Dream!”

Anna Helvey

“The Dare2Dream foundation in honor of Keisha, allowed me the recognition and inspiration to begin one of the most amazing chapters of my life. Thank you Keisha!!”

Tess Finley

“Keisha has inspired me to follow my dreams 100%. Without her and the Dare2Dream foundation I don’t know how far I’d be. She is truly an Angel smiling down on us all. Thank you Keisha and Linda. Love you!!”

Samantha Venables

“Keisha and her beautiful foundation has made me embrace my dream more, follow my dream endlessly, and enjoy the journey every step it takes me!”

Pearl Scott

“Keisha’s story has inspired me to reach past my limits, to open my mind to the possibilities, and never let anything get in the way of my dreams. Life is too precious a gift to not make use of its opportunities.”

Final Thoughts from Linda

Keisha’s love of life, and her beautiful spirit radiated and will live on in all of us who knew and loved her. Her passion and drive for the dreams she had, will live on through others that “Dare2Dream’ the way Keisha did.” Linda MacDonald, Keisha’s Mom and president of the “Keisha MacDonald Dare2Dream foundation.”